Canto Fiorito

The title of Vilnius based early music ensemble Canto Fiorito refers to florid singing, enriched with ornaments and diminutions and speaks about the dialogue between human voices and singing wind instruments, creating a wide palette of colours and expressive means that serve to the semantics of music.

Canto Fiorito started its activity in December of 2012 when early music professionals from various countries gathered in Vilnius to play the concert of Giovanni Battista Cocciola music, composed in this city in the seventeenth century. This musical experience inspired the formation of the team, passionate to continue making music together and building the grounds of historically informed performance in Lithuania. Consisting of 5 Lithuanian singers and instrumentalists from Brazil, Argentina, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania and other countries, the ensemble is dedicated to the research and performance of medieval, renaissance and baroque music, with a special attention to the early music heritage related to the history of Lithuania.

The ensemble is also dedicated to early music education in Lithuania, organizing commented educational concerts, lectures, seminars, master courses for pupils, students and teachers of music, professionals and amateurs players as well as all interested public. Canto Fiorito has implemented residency projects in small village of Paparciai, actively involving communities of the region into early music activities.